What is a home inspection?

An expert will walk through the home, inspect, photograph and prepare a report that outlines the home’s major components, their current condition, what needs immediate attention and what will require maintenance after you move in.  


Why do I need a Home Inspection as a Buyer?

As a buyer, having a home inspection will provide a better understanding on the condition of the home you are about to purchase. The inspection will provide detail on the total condition of the home. It will advise how well the home has been maintained and/or if any major repairs will be needed.


Are all Home Inspections the same?

Not all inspections are alike. Some inspection reports are just checkboxes with brief notes. Our reports will include detailed explanations and photographs.


How long does an Inspection Take?

An inspection will vary depending on the size of the home. On average, an inspection should take at least a few hours . You should try to be present during the inspection so you can find out as much possible about the home’s condition, take your own notes and photographs, and ask about anything that concerns you.


What does a Home Inspection Includes and Excludes?


While the scope of an inspection can vary, our Inspectors are mainly concerned with the home’s physical components. That covers a lot of systems, but it does not include everything.
Components that might be left out include:

Trees and landscaping
Lawn sprinklers
Swimming pool equipment
Septic Systems
Central Vacuum Systems
Internet service
Floors covered by carpeting
Roof or outdoor hardscape covered by snow
Mice, rats, or other rodents
Wood-destroying pests, such as termites or carpenter ants

Inspectors can only report what they can see, not what’s inside walls, behind the seller’s furniture or moving boxes, or buried underground. If the home has an easily-accessible crawl
space, the inspector usually will enter and check out the foundation. If the home is full of the seller’s belongings, the inspector won’t be able to inspect as much as if the home is vacant.

When will my Inspection Report be Ready?

We attempt to get the inspection report to our clients as soon as possible. A buyer can request it to be expedited if time is of the essence. Generally speaking you can expect your report with 1 -3 days from the date of inspection.


What is involved in a typical inspection?

A typical inspection will include a careful evaluation of the mechanical systems within the home including the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation. The report will also include the quality & function of the doors, windows, roofing, drainage, siding, insulation, appliances and many other areas of importance. We will review and discuss any safety issues we may find.


Do you offer a warranty or guarantee with the inspection?

What you are hiring us to do is provide you our professional opinion about the home. This opinion is based on a time specific and limited visual inspection of the home. Items may be hidden, non-accessible, and therefore we can not insure that things won't happen over time or provide a warranty.


Do you give prices for repairs of items that are broken or need upgrading?

We do not give pricing for repairs but we highly recommend speaking and having a qualified contractors evaluate any concerns or issues we detect. They should be able to give real estimates and prices from local contractors. Real prices are important for your negotiations of the purchase of your home or for your own budgeting.


Are You Insured?

Yes we are fully insured but we do not give any guarantees or warranties on any items in the property.  We carry insurance to cover errors and omissions, and liability insurance in case something becomes damaged at the inspection. All inspections are performed with written contracts that specifically explain the scope and limitations of the inspection. Our contract will be faxed or e-mailed to you on request, before the inspection. All inspections are performed in accordance with the Code of Ethics and the Standard of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors and CT or NY Standards.