Should you have your house inspected before you list it for Sale

Pre-Listing inspections also referred to as a sellers inspection are becoming more and more common.  A pre-listing home inspection can benefit the seller as well as the buyer in many ways.  We will tackle some of the major reasons why a Pre-Listing inspection makes sense for many if not all sellers when they commit to selling their homes. Nobody likes a surprise during real estate transactions and a pre-listing home inspection can mitigate any issues that arise.   They not only can assure you get the best price for the sale of your home,but can certainly help the sales process.

Here are some ways that a pre-listing inspection can help the real estate transaction:


Should you have a Pre-Listing Home inspection done?

There are many reasons why you should have your home inspected before you list it for sale. We will tackle some of the major reasons why a Pre-Listing inspection makes sense for many if not all sellers when they commit to selling their homes.


What is a Pre-listing Home Inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is when the seller hires a professional home inspector to complete a full home inspection before they list it for sale. This can be done before consulting with a realtor or after you consult or hire a seller’s real estate agent. The prelisting home inspection should uncover any issues that the property may have and should alert the seller to safety and pertinent issues that should be addressed before the property is listed. Addressing any issues upfront should help an easier and faster sale. Here are the major reasons to have a Pre-Listing inspection:

Pre-Listing Inspection Determines Condition of Home

At first glance, the home may appear to be in great shape, but you never know what types of problems may be uncovered buy the buyers inspection. A professional pre-listing inspection will help uncover any potential issue that may affect the sale of the property. If an inspector doesn’t find anything wrong, which is VERY RARE, awesome – the home is in great shape. On the other hand, all the issues that the inspector highlights will help the sale of the property. You will now have a better understanding of any and all major defects so they can be addressed before pricing and listing. This will alleviate any real concerns about a buyer walking any from the purchase if they find a “surprise”.

Pre-Listing Inspection assists with better Pricing of the Home

If your home isn’t priced in line with the market and condition of comparable homes in the area, you run the risk of the house sitting on the market which will eventually lead to price drops and then renegotiation after the buyer’s home inspection. On the other side of the coin, you will also run the risk of under-pricing the home which will result in a lower return on investment. An experienced realtor with a professional home inspection should be able to price the home competitively The best way to avoid this is to hire an experienced REALTOR® who knows the market and can help you price your home accurately. But having a pre-listing inspection can also help. A pre-inspection will let you know exactly what kind of condition your home is in and help you better determine what it’s really worth.


Pre-Listing Inspections can mitigate any attempts of Renegotiation

Your home is probably going to have at least 1 buyer’s inspection. The pre-listing inspection can determine and defects which will likely result in renegotiation. Home inspections often check the same components outlined in the State Standards of Practice. Many buyers will use the inspection as a way to renegotiate the deal, but a pre-inspection eliminates any unknowns and effectively, takes away this opportunity.


Pre-Listing Inspections can identify many Defects and Safety issues

If you decide against a pre-inspection, you will probably find yourself under a time strain to repair any defects which puts you at a disadvantage and increases the stress associated with the sale. If you do not want to remedy any issues, you will need to negotiate on price. If you have had the opportunity to get a few estimates on the work, the negotiation will be much less stressful and you and your realtor will be adequately prepared for the negotiation.
Ultimately, the decision to move forward with a pre-listing inspection depends on how wellyou know your house and how well versed you are with all the major components. Since everyone thinks their home is in great condition and should sell immediately, it is always a great idea to get another opinion or confirmation of your thoughts. Take the hassle out of selling your home with unforeseen surprises and order a pre-listing inspection today!